Tuesday, September 7, 2010

JULIA GILLARD. Oh wait, got it!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I, like many other Australians rejoice today because we got what we wanted (but possibly not the majority of the population though...ah well, suck it). We gots ourselves a Labor government! It looked a bit uneasy there for a while and I lost hope a couple of times, what with that ridiculously close election, but we got there in the end and Julia Gillard prevailed.

Behold, our first female Prime Minister. Sure, I have issues with J-Gill, I have issues with all politicians. But I HATE Tony Abbott. I threatened to jump ship if TA became PM and I'm gosh darn glad that didn't have to happen because I can't even afford to live alone in Sydney, let alone move overseas. So yes, while she may be inching ever-closer to the rightest right, Gillard is an atheist, unmarried, ex-lefty. I must have hope that somewhere inside her that lady still resides. Maybe it's enough knowing that she ever existed. 

Also can the superficial side of me (ok, the main side) point out how fantastic her skin is looking lately? Holy shitballs, Julia was positively glowing during her press conference and not just from happiness. Her complexion is in tip-top shape. Good for her, she must be using Nutrimetics Apricot Oil. And her hair is the raddest shade of red ever.

Oh and let's not forget the two that made it all happen, who we owe this fantabulous result to:
Rob Oakeshott

Tony Windsor

L-O-V-E these two independents right now. While Oakies speech was mind-numbingly, stupidly shit-long, I forgave him as soon as he confirmed that he would be backing Julia Gillard's government. Well done gents, I owe you one. A big one.

Finally, a moment for the glorious Annabel Crabb.

Annabel is a brilliant Australian political journalist who first entered my radar during her guest spots on ABC's 'The Glasshouse' which I used to tape every week due to Wil Anderson. She is hilarious, she is a genius, and I have been following her on twitter for ages. Basically, she is my main source of any and all political info and she has not disappointed during this shit-fest of an election. So today I tweeted a public thank you message to her AND SHE REPLIED. On such a momentous and already-happy day, this was truly the icing on the cake.

Yay Annabel! Yay Julia! Yay Labor!

Rejoice and be happy with me or stfu and don't ruin my buzz today.

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