Wednesday, September 1, 2010


First draft of thesis: pretty much complete. Word count: approx 16,880. Only thoughts in my head: Going away and relaxing on an amazing holiday and finally remembering what it is like to not be stressed. That would be great.

Somewhere local would do...
The Amarna Resort in Nelson Bay looks pretty nice.

I can actually almost physically imagine myself being here.

This place is very 'me', don't you think?

It's obviously roomy enough.

Yep, it'll do.

Quite frankly, I'd even consider the NSW central coast.

Who knew such a place existed at the Entrance?

Such a place DOES exist and 5 suites even have private pools

Hmm I can't remember where this one is but I like the privacy

The rest are random nice hotel rooms I quite like the look of

Yeah so anyway France is also pretty nice.

I like villas!

I would hire this out for myself how rad would that be?

I guess I could also cope with an Italian villa

Yo George Clooney feel free to invite me over anytime

Ditto for whoever owns this place

I spose I could also consider Greece...

I guess it's passable...

What with it's private pools...

Amazing views...


And tranquil would do me just fine.
But no matter what, most important is a good hotel room


And daily massage.

Sigh. This is what I spend most of my days dreaming about, in between agonising over the perfect sentence structure, checking the word count after every three words, re-checking references, worrying that I have nothing to add to already existing academic literature and that this year has been an entire waste of time and that I am a total failure.

Bring on the sun.


  1. Wow - The Entrance surprised me too!

  2. Haha there's no place like home! Seriously ocnsidering that one.