Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grown up jewellery

I'm not gonna lie dolls, when it comes to jewellery I am pretty much a tacky bitch. No, let me redress that statement: I think I effectively mix cheap tacky shit with slightly expensive pieces from Mimco to make everything else look a bit better. I do statement pieces, I do costume jewellery, I do moderately priced.

My jewellery box, mostly Glebe Markets' finest.

I just really like this picture

One of my TOTAL FAVES not shown above

I like my hair here (ps that necklace is a 'belt')

So that gives you an idea of the kind of stuff I wear. Weird, sometimes brilliant, mostly costumey shit. But lately all I've wanted to wear is pretty gold jewellery, like grown ups wear (I think I'm becoming a lady). You know how some people just have their signature pieces and you always always see them wear it and it's just a signifying part of them? It's usually a really plain pretty gold necklace, or a simple gold band they always wear? I love that stuff! I don't have that. I wear faux 3-D cube necklaces that cost $6.

Blair Waldorf has her piece:
Surely you've seen her wearing it...

That bloody ruby ring is in every scene.

And I want my equivalent! I want to be like Blair!

I am growing up! I want to wear REAL gold, not the stuff that rubs off after two weeks. I unearthed a sweet lil heart charm and a gold chain I got given at my christening which I am currently rocking, but I don't know if a heart really captures my essence (not that I'm evil, I just generally hate heart-shaped jewellery and I make fun of my mum's all the time so it's slightly hypocritical). And then WITH my everyday gold charm necklace I want an everyday signature gold ring to go with it. And then that will be my everyday look. No umming and aahing about whether to wear layers of cheap silver chain necklaces with the silver panther ring OR the gold and leather belt/necklace with a gigantor fake gold knuckleduster/ring (this has actually been my favourite combo for a very long time - this is a big deal).

Don't be mistaken, I still love my costume jewellery, I'm just ready for a change. A sophisticated change. Do not scoff at me! I will still wear my other pieces of stuff of course but they're just not fitting in with my current everyday 'look' that I'm going for. Below are some examples/vague ideas of the kind of stuff I am looking for. Gimme a heads up if you see anything when you're out and about.

In the past, I would never have given any of these a second look. But recently I have come to see the appeal of dainty, pretty jewellery. I think I can werq it.
NOT as a wedding band, just an everyday one on my right hand

Only top Middle, bottom Middle and bottom Right

My version of Blair's ring. Am not a huge fan of rubies.
Vintage Tiffany

If this is rose gold I LIKE IT.

However if I spose if I can't find a pretty dainty ring, I could take the Kate Moss route with a fuck-off amazing piece of bling - but one that is really 'me', you know?

Some of my own options...

As I mentioned, I have already started rockin' this look. It doesn't feel quite right though. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect gold charm. I mean, I like a lot of things but I'm holding out for The One (only in jewellery and fashion though - otherwise I am totally easy please do not be detracted). Anyway, some celeb examples to demonstrate the 'look' I am going for, the "what? I'm not really wearing jewellery this is just an extension of me" look:

And now, some pretty options I found online:
These are like the ones Taylor is wearing above. SO pretty.

Karen Walker's 'Runaway Girl'

Alex Monroe feather necklace. Awe.

Vintage Chanel ooh la la

Giles and Brother wishbone (but would prefer gold)

Random pretties

More vintage Chanel. But a bit too bulky for what I want.

Ditto this Marc Jacobs one. Still, very cute.

I don't mind this kinda thing, but am not a fan of the chain...

So there, you see what I mean? It's adult jewellery, non? I mean, I AM turning 22 soon, I should eventually grow up. In my style at least, if nothing else.

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