Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After like 3 years of black ballet flats and Converse I have decided that it is time for me to branch further out into the world of flats. I live in flat shoes and this year I would like some more stylin' options to go with my new wardrobe of harem pants + floaty neutrals. That's right, this Summer I may start dressing in predominantly non-black ensembles. Shocking. Just call me Lady Isabella Gaga Blow.

The search begins.

Opening Ceremony

Nicholas Kirkwood. I think these are old but I care not.

Can't believe I don't own a pair of nude ballet flats.


Nicholas Kirkwood again.

EDIT: Oops, they're Opening Ceremony. Duh.

Ultimate nude ballet flat choice.

Hey NK stop being so awesome.

Guess who...

Amazeballs Joie flats as seen on Kate B. Sold out everywhere.

Swooon perfect Opening Ceremony sandals

Fell in love with these then found out my cousin Anthea already got em. Hot bitch.

Topshop! Sorry for the teeny pics...

More Topshop...

These look ugly but I think they'd be ok.

An alternative to my Connies?!

If I could pull these off, I so would.

Ditto. Sigh.

Have also seen these on Kate B. Pretty.
Lanvin leopard print ballet flats aka Perfection.

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