Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sephora. Kingdom of cheap makeup. My cousin bought me some Sephora makeup the first time she was in France and this really ignited my passion for good cosmetics. Then my uni supervisor offered to bring me some stuff back from Sephora as she was going to the U.S. in July, so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. Sadly though after a thousand complications during the ordering process (ok, one problem, but it was sort of insurmountable) this plan fell through.

As y'all know, I have been on a quest for NARS' perfect coral lippy for a while now. And I even went to buy it from Myer, disregarding the ridiculous price. However I got swept up in being complimented by the saleslady (I have low self-esteem) and left with a different colour anyway. Amsostupid. Then, as discussed, I found out how much cheaper NARS was online. So I took that lipstick back. So I still have no coral lippy. SO MUCH DRAMA FOR A FUCKING LIPSTICK.

Anyway, this previously mentioned amazing cousin is going to France again in a few weeks. She also very generously offered to go and buy whatever I want from Sephora to bring home to me, safe in her own hot little hands. She ALSO went in with me for an order from (amazing sales - go quick) so we could cut down on shipping costs. I know, she is a saviour.

Would you like to see all the things I have been lusting over forever, which I may fiiiiinally be getting?

Vivienne Westwood necklace

NARS Love Devotion lipstick

NARS Blonde Venus lipstick

Mum also wanted a lipstick. Guided her towards this one because I can totes wear it too.

Smashbox eyeshadow quad

THIS IS SIX DOLLARS. I am pretty much saving money.

Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT

FINALLY. I have wanted this for a hundred million years (feels like) and have abstained because I have quite a few perfumes. I certainly don't *need* anymore. But I can no longer fight it. I am powerless. I love it. Must have Daisy.

Marc Jacobs Lola EDP

Relax, I'm not crazy. Mum wants this one. There is a limited edition pack which also comes with body lotion and a mini perfume. I convinced her to get the I can have the mini bottle. Genius. Everyone wins!

Oh man, I am so excited to get all this. My life already feels far superior than it did last week. I am a better person when I buy nice things for myself.

P.S. Would have DIED to be in the same room with these two when they met for the first time. Not that I would have been able to talk or anything. I would have simply gaped, and maybe pointed a bit. Yes, Morrissey attended a Lady Gaga concert. And then they hung out. Moz and Gaga. Dying.

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