Monday, June 14, 2010

coral coral coral

Aaaaaargh. WHY is it so hard to find the perfect coral? Perfect coral is like the perfect partner apparently. You can see it in your mind, you know the perfect one is out there for you, that will complement/compliment you, that it exists in the world and that it is just a matter of finding it...and yet 'it' remains utterly and stubbournly elusive. It taunts you, flaunts its existence in the form of Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling or a discontinued nail polish colour.

And yet it so out of reach...for you. Or me, rather. I feel wanky like Carrie Bradshaw when she compares men to bags or computers or whatever she compares them to from episode to episode. I mean, I love T.V. Carrie but she is cringe-worthy.

I'm getting sidetracked. I am obsessed with finding the perfect new colour for myself. I tried buying mint green and powder blue nail polish (as mentioned in the last post) but those were miserable failures. I am going to try and return them today. The concept of coral was also brewing in my mind. But I knew it would be difficult. A mission impossible even, to find the perfect shade.

A few months ago I purchased season 1 of "Mad Men" on DVD. Over the last two days my obsession with the show reignited and I watched it all over two days. This too fueled my desire to find the perfect coral nail polish and lippy combo. It is making me antsy.

As soon as I saw this OPI colour online, it seemed PERFECT:

Of course, it is also apparently discontinued. Of course.

As for lipstick, Zoe Foster recommends Nars' "Love Devotion":

This one is a limited edition. My chances of finding are also limited.

WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD? Universe, help me find the perfect coral...for me. And with my perfect coral tips and lips help me find the perfect partner. RYAN GOSLING, LOOK ME UP AND FIND ME IN SYDNEY. Yo Jon Hamm if you and your gf are feeling the 13-year itch you too are VERY WELCOME TO COME FIND ME IN SYDNEY.

Ok. The quest begins.

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