Saturday, January 9, 2010

perfect holiday plz

Soooo early Monday morning (2am eugh) my family and I will be embarking on our drive to Broadbeach, Queensland (why yes, this blog is a perfect tool to stalking me). It is indeed going to be a family holiday and while this concept would send many 21-year-olds into a horrified frenzy of panic (okay, namely me) I generally quite like going away with my family.

My brother is a unique tool in getting what I want because he likes to please me; is younger than me; and generally gets whatever he wants and wants whatever I want. So this works for me.

My dad pays for stuff. He also feels incredibly generous while on holiday (some kind of chemical reaction occurs whenever we are away and he just spends more than usual. awesome. saves me so much cash).

My mum is hilaaaarious. There comes a time in anyone's life when a sudden realisation occurs - your parents are not that bad. It is especially true in my mum's case - I finally noticed why everybody else seems to love her. She. Is. Awesome. She is funny, and fun, and genuinely likes to have a good time. Love! Note: She is also the perfect coffee buddy. Seriously.

And now, here is what I want from this holiday because I don't know when I will be able to have another one:

rad weather please:

a golden, even tan like this:

beach hair!

And above all, for my choice of books not to let me down. For the funnies, I am bringing:

For the serious, in case my mood takes a downturn:

And for the mindless, awesome trash:

Wish me luck! x


  1. dudie! the virgin suicides in aaaaaamazing! i am also glad that my silly chrissy present is getting some play. love you and your family. have fun xx

  2. Aww thanks jessie! and it is not silly it is RAD! And love to you and yours also. I'll never forget how your mum saved my life from GAWLER ewww.

    P.S. my comment on your most recent post seems to have mysteriously disappeared. While I am happy to see that you are so happy I cannot pretend that all your 'shit' comments towards Sydney did not hurt me greatly. That is all.