Monday, January 18, 2010

the many comforts of home

When I was away (for a whole week!) there were many creature comforts of home I was pining for. What I really, desperately, urgently wanted was:

- my own bed. I LOOOOVE my bed. I haven't slept in a single bed in foreverz and I almost fell off more than once. The air conditioning on holidays was a pretty good bonus though. However I am a mental almost-insomniac and apparently I can't sleep in the car/in any place slightly unfamiliar/with another person in the room. Last night I had the best night's sleep in my own bed EVER.

- the internet at my fingertips. Not checking DListed last week was torture. On more than one occasion I frantically yelled at my mum "BUT WHAT IF A CELEBRITY DIED? WHAT IF A CELEBRITY BABY WAS BORN????" and the second one actually happened - congrats to Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham. Not to mention the fact that I totally missed most of the Conan/Leno debacle.

- our puppy, Coco. Apparently she annoyed our neighbours with incessant howling. Awe. Lucky we have fab friends who fed her, walked her, and kept her company with their dog also.

- Final Purple Sneakers EVER. So pissed I missed this. Tell me it was awful, or I'll be totes depressed.

- New Gossip Girl eps.

- Foxtel in general.

And then there are surprising things I didn't even KNOW I wanted that have made me supremely happy:

- People I recognise on the news.

- Our shower. The one at the hotel was too freakin small.

- Watching 'How I Met Your Mother' for hours on end with nothing else to do. Which I can't even continue doing today because I have WORK. Oh wells, money.

P.S. I fucking hate women's tennis. It's boring and they are all too loud. STFU with the grunting!

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