Monday, December 7, 2009

pretty, material shit I want

Sigh. So, I got a wicked load of money for my 21st birthday, and I know I'm supposed to save it properly and use it for Europe or something. It's a substantial amount of money and I should be able to do this. And yet, I could drop it all in like a day. Do you know how much amazing shit is out there? From jewellery to shoes and shoes to bags... I just die.

Aside from the obvious (Chanel bag, iPhone, Louboutins) here's some more stuff I would like to spend my (not very) hard earned money on:

Tabitha Simmons 'Lee' boots

Vivienne Westwood necklace

Giles and Brother bracelet

Burberry necklace

Marni necklace

McQueen bag. Have I already included this before? Whatever, I haven't got it yet and I STILL want it. So there.

Not to mention the things I actually NEED: Like a new swimming costume and craploads of Summer dresses for our upcoming holiday in Broadbeach (why yes, we are in the Penthouse and yes, it is 150m from the beach). Also, I want to organise a trip to Glebe markets and the Magazine Shop in Newtown (because, really, what more could I want out of life? Aside from all of the above, obviously). Maybe I will go this Saturday. You know, just to check it out. Not spend all my money. Just some.

P.S. Ok, I'm not gonna lie - I have already dipped in to my new savings balance. I bought Ray Ban Wayfarers as well as tortoiseshell Clubmasters. They are so pretty. And plus, I deserved BOTH pairs as my old wayfarers weer cruelly STOLEN from me. It is basic karma. Or something.

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