Tuesday, December 29, 2009

next week's gossip girl episode. stat.

Ok, so a couple of months ago I watched the first five episodes of Gossip Girl S3 at my cousin's house so when it started showing on tv, I was a bit 'meh' about it all. But NEXT WEEK Fox 8 will finally catch up to me and show me a NEW EPISODE that I have yet to see. Excitement!!!

Although I did accidentally already see the gay kiss. It's the Gossip Girl facebook group's fault - they posted the clip ages ago and really, how am I supposed to resist?

Anyway I had some thoughts while watching tonight's ep where Lily and Rufus get married (I know, it's hard to believe I have thoughts during GG apart from "OMG CHUCK AND BLAIR - THE CUTE THE CUTE! I DIE!" etc), but here goes. I apologise in advance for the manic fangirling, I can't help it when talking of Gossip Girl.

- I LOVE Lily. She is a fierce bitch. She always looks immac (I die for those turquoise drop earrings with the purple dress), she is a total sweetie, I love her. She's actually become one of my favourite characters. No mean feat since my feelings for GG characters generally fall within 2 categories: LOVE LOVE LOVE, BRILLIANT, FIERCE/uuuuuuuugh HATE, STFU, and so on and so forth. Also, the latter group contains the vast majority of all the characters.

- Loving how Chuck and Blair are so awesome with each other. While I always knew this would be the case, some naysayers (my dad) thought that when they finally got together it would ruin the spark/chemistry. WRONG. Plus, my heart totally races and threatens combustion whenever Chuck says "I love you" so casually in passing. Chills.

- Vanessa's ugly.

- So is Jenny.

- And Georgina is gross. She has chub arms, overracts, and has crazy eyes. ALTHOUGH her hair is amahzing.

- Finally, a note to the writers. I get that Chuck and Blair are so obviously mind-blowingly incredible but I really want y'all to up your game when writing for the other shitter characters. They are already shit, at least try and help 'em out a bit rather than emphasizing their roles as the shit side gag. Shit.

- Also, strop trying to make Serena happen, she's not going to happen.

My fave scene, ever.

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