Monday, December 21, 2009

i can has magazine subscriptions?

Dang. I think I really need someone to start buying me magazine subscriptions. It is getting just too expensive to finance my habit. A few years ago I calculated that I spend $1500 a year on average on magazines.

But that was like three years ago, and since then Grazia has entered my world, not to mention Famous and Nylon. Those mags alone cost $6, $3.50 and $8, respectively. In one year that totals $590 alone. Add to that Bazaar (UK and Aus), Vogue (UK and Aus), Who, NW, Ok, Russh, In Style, Frankie, Yen etc see my problem.

I know I need to cut down. I know that is excessive. And when you consider stealing some of your boss' work money to buy a magazine, that is sick (I didn't though). But I just can't stop! Nothing makes me happier than lying on my bed, listening to 'Sainthood', 80s trash pop, or Kanye West, and reading a magazine. NOTHING!

Cutting back on magazines would be cutting back on life. Without gossip, without fashion, without celebrities - I couldn't breathe. I neeeeeed the magazine world to make me feel connected to the rest of the world. I want (need) a job where this shit is tax deductible.

P.S. You know what else? I HAVE to continue this habit of immersing myself in magazines because who else is going to inform the people on my life on celebrity news? I am the one that corrects false celeb gossip. I discern the fact from fiction simply by reading copious amounts of magazines in association with celeb blogs. People DEPEND on me to be a font of knowledge.

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