Monday, April 29, 2013

An ode to Tegan and Sara and their hardcore obsessive fans

Cognitively, I know I’m a – somewhat arguably – rational, functioning adult. I’m 24 years old, I own an iPhone 5, I have an Honours degree, I’ve been to New York fucking City, I have a job. I don’t have a driver’s license, but hey, neither do Tegan or Sara.

And yet, as I sit here listening to them, re-living the two concerts I attended last week at the Sydney Opera House (yep, I went back-to-back nights because that's real love) in my Tegan and Sara t-shirt, leaning back on my Tegan and Sara printed-pillow cases (bought from their merch stand, therefore officially sanctioned creepiness*) and brooding over useless crushes – I feel distinctly (and somewhat uncomfortably) 15 again in a way that only listening to Tegan and Sara can elicit.**

Because I, Aphrodite, am a Tegan and Sara-obsessed fan and have been for the last 9.5 years or so (oh my god I feel old, how has it been that long? I feel like I discovered my hilarious secret little band just yesterday and now they play the Opera House!) and I just want to say a big, public thank you to Tegan and Sara for being the bestest, most lovely, engaging, appreciative, funny, adorable band in the whole world. 

My friends, family and anyone who’s ever met me or internet-met me knows about this long-running obsession I have. They also indulge me and keep me up-to-date on any upcoming tours or press that I might be interested in. I’ve probably already seen it three days earlier because I have my finger on the motherfucking pulse, but I appreciate the sentiment.

I know many people don’t get into anything the way I’m ‘into’ Tegan and Sara and they think it’s sort of odd to be so invested in a couple of thirty-year-old adorable, funny, sweet sisters from Canada. I guess it sort of is, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a payoff.

Luckily for me, it came very early on in my TnS love affair. My very first time seeing them live (at the Yallah Roadhouse on the Princes Highway en route to Wollongong aka the Middle of Fucking Nowhere) resulted in me meeting and hanging out with the two objects of my obsession as they bemusedly found themselves in this bizarre venue. They were sweet, attentive, witty, endearing and ridiculously kind. And to be fair, this had to be one of the shittiest places they would have ever performed at. If I turned up at that hole, I would have been hell pissed. Instead, both girls took time to mingle before and after the show and thusly created a very special evening for every single diehard fan that had trekked it out there.

I met them again a year later after their Sydney gig at the Gaelic Theatre (which they called one of their ‘best shows ever’). They were as adorable as ever. Note the glowy-about-to-explode-out-my-skin joy radiating from me. Tegan obviously thinks I'm very funny.

OMG I've also only just noticed this: all of our jeans are exactly the same wash of denim. We should be best friends!

Anyway, what I’m saying is, for hardcore fans, and Tegan and Sara fans in particular, the heartwrenching glorious angst of listening to two strangers perfectly articulate ideas and feelings you thought unique to your very own mind/heart is enough. Seeing them live is a bonus (which I’ve been incredibly lucky enough to experience 7 times). Meeting them in person and not having them let you down or disappoint you is enough to send us through the stratosphere. Of course, the beauty of being a TnS fan is that they care enough about you too that they would never let that happen. They genuinely seem to care about us almost as much as we care about them.

Exhibit A, Tegan has the feels:

I could go on for days about how wonderful they are and I could show you literally hundreds of hilarious banter videos which they are now renowned for and I could write essays about why Tegan and Sara mean so much to so many people but instead I’m going to leave you with two (TWO! Please note the amazing amount of restraint I am exhibiting here***) videos that capture a bit about what I’m talking about.

A compilation of some Tegan and Sara funnies:

Skip to 5:00 for the hilariousness in this one:

Aaaand my two current jams, both coincidentally by my girl Sara (every TnS fan has a favourite, it is not a big deal, most people are into Tegan and I really do love them both but oh man...Sara…oh, Sara. How are you so perfect?)

I'm not your hero

How come you don't want me

FINE. Here's one more, since you asked.

Now I'm all messed up

(All videos above credited to the lovely wojo4hitz, beloved by all Tegan and Sara fans everywhere for her mad skillz and dedication)

* Ahem.

** None of this is an exaggeration. Like, any of it. As is evidenced by the above, somewhat incriminating picture. Whatever, I challenge you to watch all the videos I've posted and not love these girls by the end of it.
*** OH WAIT I just remembered this one. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Just fucking watch it, ok? Oh my god I have a problem. This happens on a regular basis. One banter vid on youtube and 7 hours later I emerge from my hole. Worth it.

None of the videos are mine/made by me, I just like them. Thanks to whoever did make them!

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