Wednesday, December 21, 2011


AM I TOO LATE? Gosh, I hope not. This is my Xmas wishlist, please feel free to get me any or all of these things, I don't even care if it's a belated prezzie (my fault for not telling you in time, I know).

Anyway, here goes. Things I would quite like to receive on Sunday include but are not limited to:

A nice pen. I've been using shitty Papermate ones for the last 5 years (poor uni student) and I think if I get a real proper pen I will seem more like an adult. Also, maybe then I won't need to use ten million crappy cheap pens a week.

A Bobbi Brown bronzer brush. I've been using a sub-par cheap bronzer brush for a while now, because bronzer was never a huge part of my life, but I'm starting to realise the brush would make such a significant difference to the application. And BB always has the best brushes.

Gift vouchers! I loooove buying stuff myself, so if you ever worry that buying someone a gift voucher is impersonal and tacky THINK AGAIN. Gift vouchers are the shit. They're like play money! And you can get whatever you want! No false enthusiasm here. I would specifically like a JB Hi Fi one as there is a shit-tonne of dvd-buying I need to do. I actually think I might be getting this gift. If my mum has not picked up on the hints by now, well, we have bigger issues to worry about then.

Jewelleryyyyy! (OR, failing that, you know, maybe a specific jewellery-buying person would be nice too?) I have been on the hunt for a pretty, girly simple gold ring for a while now and I still haven't committed to anything. To go with the girly, delicate ring I'm also thinking a girly, delicate bracelet might be nice? And some PLAIN, SIMPLE, TINY gold studs. Jesus ass-balls these have been hard to find. Some inspiration:

Monica Vader

Made her Think (but in gold)

Daisy Knights (ditto)

Elizabeth and James

Ginette NY

Tom Binns (ok, not really fitting in with the theme BUT THEY'RE AWESOME)

Jennifer Meyer (but in gold)

More jewellery! But this time, I'm looking for some fuck-off amazing statement pieces that you don't have to wear with anything else.


Erickson Beamon

Erickson Beamon




New officey type things. Read: a nice desk, more book shelves (reeaally running out of space to put all my books and stacking them on top of my headboard over my bed is getting very dangerous), a new comfy desk chair (the current one has had it), and a laptop. I swear, if this room that I am sitting in right now was more aesthetically pleasing, I bet I would write soooo much more. Which, by the way, I really need to be doing. And that includes this blog. I'm sorry I've sort of abandoned you for so long. More blogging is underway, I promise.

Things I do not need more of:
- Books. I have about 20 brand new books sitting on my shelves/headboard that I have yet to read since buying them over the last few years. I am also already getting some for Christmas. I'm set for books right now, thanks.
- Chocolates. I love working with kids because you get awesome presents, but really, that's enough chocolate. I should not be eating this stuff.
- Movie vouchers. Lucky me, I also received some movie vouchers from some awesome kiddies, so I'm set for these too. Yay.
- Candles. I love them, I do, but what with all the Diptyque ones I bought in New York and the few I've received from work people, I'm good now. This room smells great, even if it's blah.

Have a lovely holiday x

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