Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final touches

WEDDINGSSSS!!! My wedding fever was starting to wane folks but as of Sunday, I had a renewed bout of enthusiasm (I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my beautiful cousin! First time I've ever been in a wedding. Yay!). Just enough to write one more post about all the final details that will make my non-denominational committment ceremony perfect. (How do you spell 'committment'? Is that too many t's? m's?)

Has to be a slightly messy but always elegant chignon. Flirted with the idea of having my hair down and long and flowy in waves but whenever I see wedding pictures I tend to gravitate towards up-dos. What do you think? Hair swept back? Or some loose tendrils at the front? Reese and Hilary are making me think all back:

I don't want, like, black smoky eyes but I like SOME smokiness, lots of lashes and natural peachy tones thanks. And um, Annie I wouldn't mind those earrings...


Must be: red velvet; buttercream/cream cheese frosting; not overly elaborate. I think the following egs fit in nicely with my garden theme.

Peonies! Hydrangeas! David Austin roses! Yes! Bouquet must have some peonies, possibly some roses and possibly some lisianthus. Table settings will be similar, maybe also with some hydrangeas somewhere? I really liked the ones I had at my 21st birthday and am drawing inspiration from those (first pic).

 Viola! So signals the end of the month (and a half...) long series of wedding posts! Did you enjoy?! Even if you didn't and only Alissa and Henrietta read these blogs, well, that's enough for me. So who wants an invite to the non-denominational committment (sp?) ceremony OF THE YEAR? (I'll holla when I know exactly what year it might be...a long time from now...).

After all this talk of weddings, I'm super psyched to be participating in one now. All my hours of trolling the bridal sites have not been in vain! I can now share them with my cousin! I'm helpful.


  1. Congrats to your cousin!! When is the wedding/what dress will you be wearing/where is it?? Details plz. And hydrangeas are one of my fave flowers too. I also love dahlias...dark red dahlias are gorgeous. And gardenias smell awesome, oh god now I want to start a blog just so I can do a wedding post.

    p.s. I want an invite! xx

  2. Yessss do a wedding blog! I would read it! Dahlias are indeed gorgeous so I trust you. AND GARDENIAS!!! How did I forget gardenias?! Maybe there will be gardenia bushes at the manor house. The wedding is in 18 months and I will be wearing a dress. That's about as much as I know for know but will fill you in as we make plans xx

    p.s. it's in the (future) mail.