Saturday, April 16, 2011

bridesmaid dresses

I know, I know these wedding blogs are getting kind of tired. Can you tell I'm a bit sick of them? I've even been avoiding writing anything at all because I don't want to write about weddings so I just don't bother. The plan, therefore, is to bang three more posts out over the next few days and then I can resume posting as normal i.e. any random shit I want. Lady Gaga, News of the World, Emma Stone's blonde prepared I'm coming for you.

Anyway, onto the pretty dresses! I've been to many, many weddings over the years (I'm Greek) and so I've learnt by experience what works and what doesn't (in my humble honest opinion). I've noticed in the past that many bridesmaids who have all been forced to wear the exact same dress despite invidividual measurements and tastes does not work and at least one person always looks uncomfortable. At my non-denominational commitment ceremony I want everyone to be comfortable and happy so everyone gets a different couture dress, depending on what suits (not what they like - this is still MY day).

I've also been inspired by the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses from the first SATC movie - it had many flaws, but unlike the second film, couture was not one of them.

I am planning on either having 2 or 3 bridesmaids and therefore dresses have been grouped accordingly. Enjoy.

 L-R: Dolce and Gabbana, Tibi

 L-R: Erdem, Milly

 L-R: Michael Kors, 3.1 Phillip Lim

L-R: Lanvin, Lanvin

L-R: Lanvin, Givenchy (!!!!!!!!), Lanvin.

The last one is my absolute favourite, obviously. In fact, that entire Givenchy season was pretty much my favourite thing in ever, in history. EVER.

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