Thursday, March 4, 2010

my life back

Oh man, I am so not the busy person. You know those weird people that love to be doing things, fill their day to the minute, and thrive on it? I am not that person. I could go three days in a row without leaving the house, in my pyjamas, watching trash tv and dvds.

Today I went to work (for the 4th morning in a row) from 7-9am, went to the gym, dropped off some dry cleaning (how adult does that sound?), went home, showered, did some shopping, did another shift at work, came home, tried not to pass out.

Also: shopping was not the fun type of shopping. It was the 'I have 1 hour to buy like a zillion things I NEED not WANT and get my ass to work' type shopping. However I did finally get my canvas shoe racks for my closet and holy shit my room is amazing. Soooo organised, I've never seen it like this. It's a weird feeling. But I like it.

Anyway, then tomorrow I have to finish a 5-minute presentation I have to do on Tuesday as I will be out of action all weekend (camping. hopefully not peeing in a hole in the ground), not to mention read like a million pages for my other subject (see post below). Last week the most eventful part of my Friday would have been making lunch, then chilling again on the couch.

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