Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a new face

HAH just kidding, don't be crazy, how self loathing and emo would that be?

I'm just kind of sick of my current overall 'look' at the moment. Sure, I'm still keen on long flowy hair (I can't remember the last time I had it this way), coral peachy cheeks/lips and 'natural' looking eyes (of course, we ladies and lady boys know exactly how much work goes into achieving this look).

BUT. I've been feeling a bit antsy lately. I want to change something but nothing tooo drastic. When I wore my hair short it was so much easier to shake things up - I just got another short, slightly different haircut. Boom. Instant facelift. It's taken me SO. LONG. to grow my hair out though! And it's been windy a lot lately so it floats behind me all pretty-like, therefore I'm keeping it.

So what to do?

WELL. On Saturday I bought a rather rad purple mascara from MAC!!! I know, I am awesome. I have been searching for a nice coloured mascara for a while now (don't 80s judge me, coloured mascaras are coming back, trust me) so it was a pleasant surprise to see MAC's new range which looks a little something like this:

Like I said, I got the purple one but I want electric blue next. Purple is a good choice though if you want something a bit more subtle. I've worn it twice now, and it's been noticed on each occasion, but only in the right light. If you've got a bit of flashy bright light around you and you have pretty dark lashes like me, you might get it to look like this (sometimes even a bit brighter, but I couldn't be bothered to keep taking pictures that really captured the right light, at the right angle, etc):

And in normal light, you might look like this:
As you can see, you also get quite a bit of length from this baby. PLUS it is actually super gorgeous with my staple coral makeup! As well as with pink, charcoal and black. Surprisingly versatile.

Next stop, hair. I AM SO BORED OF MY HAIR. Unless it's windy, as mentioned, and it's all floaty behind me. I used to cut my hair seriously all the time, but I've never dyed it. Ever. And I don't really want to because I quite like my natural hair colour. What to do then?! a girl might ask herself.

Well, do you remember what gorgeous Drew Barrymore did to hers during the 'Whip It' press tour? It's ok if you don't remember, I have pics:

But you know, the opposite. As my hair is super dark brown, I really, really want dip-dyed bleached blonde tips. Super straight edged, all along the bottom, about 3/4 of an inch up. That way, if I get sick of it really quick/hate it immediately I can just snip it off! And voila, healthy ends again. What do you think? My mother hates the idea but I'm sort of fixating on the possibility of doing it next week.


  1. Ooooh exciting hair decisions!!! A friend of mine with gorgeous looooong blonde hair, like that went down to her lower back, did that, but the ends were electric blue. It looked ba.na.nas. I was so jealous and was 3 hearbeats away from doing the same thing. The blue and the blonde looked awesome together annnd as you say she got to keep her hair long! So do it! It would look awesome!

  2. Oooh really? Blue and blonde would indeed look effing rad. I wish I was blonde. Anyhoo. I'm glad you like! Everybody else I have told gets a sort of glazed, panicked look in their eyes...but whatever they're not as cool as us, obv.