Thursday, March 10, 2011

moccasins and anything leopard

Oh hi, how have you all been doing? I haven't updated since the Oscars, I know. I haven't done much of anything since the Oscars. As the ladies at GoFug put it, the Oscars broke my face.

But I'm better now. Much, much better. This is also largely due to the fact that I purchased some stuff last night. For a mere £86 (that is approximately $138AUD) I got a rad bag (in REAL leather), a cape (!!!) and a pair of pants (I already have them but I wear them all the time, with everything, so it's good to have a back-up pair). I love Topshop. Let's take a look at my rad purchases:

Seeeriously 86 pounds!!! So cheap. One pair of pants from Witchery (Witchery!!! That is not even that great, if at all) would be like $150 AUD. I mean, ugh. If I lived in London I would be sorted for the whole of Winter for like £200! Well, an Australian Winter anyway. Conundrum.

ANYWAY. How much more awesome is life when you have a package on the way? I always forget I've paid for packages so they feel like presents. Duh, winning.

Onto stuff I do not already own but would very much like to but am finding very difficult to track down/afford/make werq. Argh. I looove moccasins but I can't seem to find any super affordable ones and sure, I have found stuff online but they seem like a tricky shoe so I would like to try them on first and see how they fit/werq into my wardrobe. A pair of leopard print, affordable, non-synthetic moccasins would obv be the dream.

Here are some that are currently taking my fancy:
Kosy - ok these are 'slippers' but whatev
Miss Selfridge - 40 bucks!
Miu Miu. Not 40 bucks.
So there's that. What do you think? I am always drawn to the Minnetonka ones online but Seed Femme in Australia sells them and I tried them on in dark grey and they didn't look great on me...Sads. I think I'm leaning towards the Miss Selfridge ones. Because, you know, $40. I wish I could try them on first though.

Please, please if you have seen any nice ones in Oz that you can recommend let me know. Seriously. I will love you always and forever.

Until then, I await my package. Hah, that's what she said.


  1. Okay, I need you to find me $150 worth of awesome Topshop clothes for me to buy. Please.

  2. get the minnetonkas. I've had mine for two years now and they are still like new. just make sure you get the ones with a real sole, or else they will wear through quickly.

  3. Belinda, I will happily accept that challenge.

    Carley, I am positively thrilled to hear this. Because they are actually quite affordable so I'm glad they're durable because I am sick of most of my flats falling apart with wear and tear. Thanks!