Saturday, October 9, 2010

Relax time?

So, a few minutes ago I just finished my thesis. Like, all of it. Down to the page numbers, I am finished. Done. Dunzo. Forever. It was an awful, horrendous, torturous experience and I am writing this now so that I can never glamourise it in my head and possibly conceive of studying again in the future. Ever. I am ready to go out into the big, bad world and start working and be a real person.

Last year when I finished my three-year degree I was decidedly not ready to leave uni. So I did an extra year of honours, conducted my research and wrote a 21,000 thesis. This was the worse year of my life, and I truly thought nothing would be harder than the HSC. In the last few weeks I have been feeling like I am in labour (without an epidural), about to give birth to a twenty-pound baby that just refuses to leave me (theoretically, obviously, as I have never been pregnant and certainly not to a twenty-pound baby).

However this baby is now DONE. I have not had alcohol in about six months. I have not seen many of my friends in this same time period. I have not eaten a meal, watched a half-hour television show, worked a shift at work, or had a conversation where my thesis is not constantly at the forefront of my mind. I seriously cannot imagine what it must be like to do a PhD (Jessie, how?!). But you know what I missed most throughout the year (apart from booze, obviously)? Watching a DVD and being totally relaxed. Even right now as I'm typing this I'm wondering whether I should still be editing. Fuck it. Here is what I have most been looking forward to doing all year:

Just bought season 1!!!

Duh have seen it all, but have been dying to go back and watch all the Chuck/Blair

Again, revisiting old faves.

Can't believe I've never seen this. Sorry bb Ryan <3

You may have noticed a recurring theme of Jakey G. It's true, I espouse stories of what a huge fan I am but I'm generally more of an admirer of his interviews and abs and laugh and beard and interviews and smile, etc. I think it's time I educate myself properly. Also, my hot piece of male ass feat. JG never happened, I know. It will. Ditto for the movie couples pt 2. I'm a bad blogger. BUT I'm a good honours student!

OH AND I HAVE BARELY EVEN GONE TO THE MOVIES. Going to the movies is my favourite thing. It is what I do as soon as I need to relax/am bored. I fucken love it. Nothing makes me happier than being at the movies mid-week with barely any people in the theatre. Sigh. I want to go to there.



  1. I am not looking forward to writing my thesis.

  2. Oh my bad. On the bright side, it does give you an amazing sense of achievement!