Friday, July 9, 2010


Oh wow. Well, this has turned into the shittiest of all shitty days, hasn't it? I was thrilled last night after my mother told me she had a day off that coincided with mine today and I convinced her to take me and my brother to watch "Eclipse" today (only viewing number 2...I know, bad fan). I kind of knew I was in with a chance because she had just bought me two pairs of earrings and a new jacket. Love the lovely mother.

Anyway. We were going to an early viewing so that I would have plenty of time to come home and do my work and my hair. At 6:20am after barely sleeping all night, the pain started. I won't gross you out with the details, but fair to say everything I had eaten in 24 hours was trying madly to escape my body. Hot. However, I thought I would be okay to watch a movie, since I had vommed and felt a bit better. Also, I paid for the tickets already.

Got to Rhodes where I had to endure the sight of my brother injesting a huge slab of caramel cheesecake and trying not to relieve my stomach while watching mum drink a moccha. I love coffee and caramel cheesecake! Sad. So finally got their asses into the cinema where I could recline on the comfy Rhodes movie chairs. I could not get comfortable the whole time and about halfway though realised I was developing a fever, and shaking madly. What a sucky way to watch Eclipse (haters - stfu).

FINALLY the movie ended (fine, insert Hater-joke here) and I tried to quickly get up and run down the stairs to catch a cab home. In my attempted rapid escape, I became faint and dizzy and fell down the stairs, rolling my right ankle. My poor, poor, right ankle that had been fractured last year, leaving me with an accessory bone because I did not act quickly enough. Super. After 10 minutes of sitting on the stairs trying to regain some strength/composure with my mum and brother anxiously staring at me with looks that I usually reserve for people with ugly shoes/people who match their shoes to their belt to their bag, they confirmed that I did indeed look like A Mental.

So I did my sick version of hightailing it to the cab rank with my brother in tow, clutching to him so tightly I feared that he, my blind sibling, would also fall and we would be in trouble, i.e. fucked. he didn't though because he is strong, and that, today outweighted the debilitating blindness.

Then I got home and speeeeewed and was gross all day long, when I wasn't unconscious in my bed. Fair to say, I didn't get any work done, and fuck knows I needed to - transcribing is a lengthy process, fyi. PLUS I had to cancel two interviews that I had lined up for tomorrow, pushing me further behind. Yo, World? Can you please fucking let up now? I appreciate that you gave me enough strength to finally check fb and my fave gossip blogs AND keep down 4 WHOLE SIPS of lemonade (so far...but I'm hopeful) but cut me some slack.

P.S. I tried to wash my hair today anyway, in vain, thinking that I would be able to summon some energy and do it later, but I didn't. And for the first time since I was 13 and discovered the straightener...tonight (and who knows how long after) my hair will remain in its natural state. This disturbs me more than not getting work done.
P.P.S. Excuse typos, I am delusional and hanging by a thread.
P.P.P.S. It's not all bad this week though - LI-LO IS OFF TO PRISONNNN!!! And Judge Martha is MY HEROOOOO. Click here for a quick update on my favourite thing to happen since getting my Vivienne Westwood necklace in the mail last week:

Now excuse me while I go back to being unconscious. Which is actually preferable to what the alternative has been today. OH did I mention that at one point I didn't make it to the bathroom and vommed all over the carpet? And then had to hold the rest in while I cleaned it myself? Ooh yeah, glamour.

PLEASE JUST LET IT END. (And this post too. Wow, I am feeling sorry for myself a lot. But if I can't feel sorry for myself in this state, when can I?)

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