Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celeb couples I want to get back together

It is a well known fact that I am a bit celebrity obsessed. This is true. I own this obsession. Over my celeb-obsessing years there have been many celebrity couples that have met their untimely demise. Countless, in fact. Hundreds that I do not care about. However there were the special few that for some reason or other have pained my heart. To this day, I still cling to the hope that they will get back together. And even in the cases where I know there is absolutely 100% no way it will (or even could) happen...I still want it.

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon

These two made me soooo sad when they ended their relationship. I actually could not believe it. I think they are so good together. They stuck it out for so long, I really thought it was foreverz.

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson

Look at these two babes!!! Summer and Seth! Rachel and Adam! They both may have fallen off a lot of people's radars, but gosh darn were these two a cute couple. Case in point:

Compare the above pics to pics of Rachel and her current bf, Hayden Christensen:

I mean, vomit. It just ain't right. I love Rachel and I love Hayden. I do not love Rachel+Hayden. No.

Prince Harry (aka Prince Hot Ginge) and Chelsy Davy

I don't know what it is about these two. I don't think she's as attractive as he is on ANY level and yet...I like them together. They always seem to be having fun, totally into each other. They could possibly actually be back together. You never really know with these two. Fingers crossed.

Kate Moss and Jefferson Hack

I really, really liked these two together. I liked her with him. They made a gorgeous baby together (seriously, Lila Grace your genes and your future wardrobe are so envy-inducing I feel sick). My favourite of Kate's bfs (not including Johnny Depp, obviously).

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone

WOULD YOU LOOK AT THESE TWO? THEY ARE QUITE OBVIOUSLY PERFECT TOGETHER! So whyyyy did they break up last week? I don't know. But I desperately want a reconciliation.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson

How anybody could have watched "Newlyweds" and NOT loved these two together, is beyond me. They are quite obviously perfect for each other. I loved this era of Jessica Simpson, and I loved watching how much Nick loved her. Sadface.

Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend

Another example of the Best Actress curse. Charlize and Stuart seemed so tight. Sigh. By the way, the common theme that seems to be recurring is the fact that these two seemed PERFECT together. I guess that is why I am so pained by all of these breakups. I feel like all of these couples should be together, even if I am quite apathetic towards the individuals IN the couples. Such as these two.

Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe

Another couple I thought would go the distance. She is in another relationship now but this one seemed more...right. You know? You know.

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz

Don't particularly care for either of these two...but I did like them together. They always seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves, and I liked looking at pics of them in trashy tabloids more than JT's current gf. I mean, compare for yourself:

blerg. Go away Jessica Biel.

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.


Like, you can just SEEEE the sex was amazing, non? I should note the last one was taken from the time they actually DID get back together after the break-up. So while I want them back together because they seem so perfect, I accept that this maybe isn't the best for them. But that's ok, I have other plans for these two (look for them in the upcoming "Couples I want to see get together" post).

And this is where it starts getting extra super painful. The next two celeb couples are probably my favourite of all time. The break-ups still hurt me.

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams

I am not crazy. I know he has passed away (that one hurts way, way, way more than the break up ever did) but I really, really wanted these two to get back together. They had a gorgeous family, they seemed to love each other so much even after they split, and maybe if they had reconciled before he past away...I dunno. Maybe things could have been different. Such a sweet couple:

Aw, man. I still miss him. Heartache.

More heartache:
Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe

These two met at Reese's 21st birthday. Ryan crashed her party and she approached him and asked him if he was her birthday present. I mean...seriously...heartsqueeze! This is probably a prime example of a couple who seemed absolutely, resolutely, 100% perfect together. Now, yes, he seems like a bit of a douche but I think they were good for each other.

Sidenote: if anyone can find the video of her acceptance speech at these Golden Globes (for Walk the Line) where he grabs her by the ass, I will be forever indebted. It's so adorably funny.

Forever immortalised in Cruel Intentions.

LOOK. IS IT JUST ME, BUT SHOULDN'T THESE FOUR BE TOGETHER AS A FAMILY? Ryan please get your act together and win her back from this douchey Jim Toth agent of hers. Please. Redeem yourself.

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