Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I've been frantically getting ready for my fast-upcoming trip to New York lately (less than two weeks to go! When did that happen?? How fast did time go by since when I decided to go, let alone booked everything?!). Oh and by 'frantically getting ready' I mean extensively analysing my best options about what phone to take with me/how to make it work in the US and compiling lists of what I want to buy. So. That has kept me preeeetty busy. I'll start packing soon. Maybe. And I will definitely make a trip to my uncle's to borrow his luggage. Soon. I swear.

Until then! A basic summary of things I want to buy. Not that I am limiting myself to what is on this list. Said list is acting as a mere guideline of what I want to look for, but am certainly not limited to buying.

- Cute flats. Am constantly, constantly looking for aesthetically pleasing alternatives to my ever-present ballet flats.
- A Marc Jacobs watch. ALMOST got one for graduation, but went with the Mulberry Alexa bag instead. I know, what was I thinking.
- A mani/pedi from NY's infamous salons.
- CLOTHES. Dresses, jeans, and more dresses are all focal points.
- MAKEUP. Duhhhh. By simply browsing online, I have already pre-emptively allocated $500 simply to NARS. Am not brave enough to even start on Sephora. What a beast. That store will be the end of my life's savings. That's not even an exaggeration. Oh my God.
- A red velvet cupcake. Possibly from Magnolia Street Bakery, but am open to other suggestions. There's probably a heaps cooler cupcake place in NY now. Shit, there's probably a heaps cooler dessert treat in NY now. Cupcakes are so passe. Oh my God I'm not cool enough for this city.
- Also, did I mention a brand spankin' new Benefit store just opened in SoHo?? It's like NY knows I'm coming. Benefit gets at least $300 allocated to it in illuminators alone.
- Presents! I have received so so many wonderful gifts from the delightful people in my life who have had the pleasure of traveling already, that it's time to repay the favour. That is a tonne of beautiful cousins and aunts and uncles.
- Chuck Taylors. I have been holding off on replacing my current almost-entirely-worn-though Converse until I get to America and this trip is not coming a moment too soon. I have a stress-induced panic attack pretty much every day that my shoes will finally wear right through the sole as I'm walking. Scary.
- Cool runners. Going to the gym is an embarrassment every single day wearing the shoes I currently own. I have had them since I was like 13. This stuff is heaps cheaper in the US right? Because the situation is dire.
- Have I mentioned makeup? Benefit High Beam, NARS Orgasm blush, Sephora roller ball perfumes...I am coming for you. Oh, but most importantly NARS Love Devotion lipstick - my current stick that Anthea bought me in Paris has almost run out. It's the perfect coral lippie in EVER and I'm going to get like, three. Seriously.
- Expensive beauty products from Estee Lauder. Advanced Night Repair Serum which retails here for $105...I am coming for you.


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