Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Garden Wedding (the garden of a manor house, obviously)

Oops. So I've been kind of lax re: updating this blog. Specifically, with rounding off wedding blog month. But I've been busy aiight? I have been graduating, and working (internship started at marie claire yesterday and is going fine, thanks for asking) and going out to dinner, and drinking and watching Survivor seasons back-to-back. My New Year's resolution in fact was to watch all 22 seasons in chronological order this year. See, I've missed quite a few so I want to properly be able to call myself a Survivor fan.

ANYWAY, I DIGRESS. Weddings!!! Who doesn't love a wedding? Getting your hair didz, getting a manicure, buying a pricey new outfit, waxing your eyebrows/legs/whatever, judging everybody's outfits, smugly ascertaining that yes, you are wearing the best shoes out of everybody...it's a joyous occasion, it really is.

So continuing on with the series of wedding blogs this post is all about the beautiful garden decor I would like for my wedding. Note: I don't necessarily love all these things for my wedding in particular, but I definitely draw inspiration for the theme from them e.g. dessert table, eclectic mix of table settings, mismatched vintage china, profusions of undone floral bouquets, etc.

Enjoy some pretty pictures on this chilly Tuesday morning:

Pretty right?! I bet you so want to come to my wedding and drink cocktails out of huge jars.

P.S. On the general topic of weddings how cringe-worthy was Reese Witherspoon's? A pink dress? PINK? Look Reese we know your career is a little (a lot) lack-lustre right now and you haven't had a box office hit since 2003 and you really, really need 'Water for Elephants' to be a smash, and it might be because, you know, Twihards, but you don't need to dress up as Elle Woods on your wedding day and remind us how popular you were. Also, I can sense your desperation from here. Selling your wedding and engagement and love and blah to stay in the mags while promoting your current movie...really? You won an Academy Award. You're better than this.

PHEW OK, DONE. Seriously contemplating starting a celeb-centric blog. What do you think? I need a place for my thoughts.


  1. So pretty! Love the second to last photo...very romantic.
    I should send you all my wedding photos I've collected!

  2. Isn't it just? I'm glad you like pretty lady. And yes, you definitely SHOULD.

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  4. I love this wedding stuff so much, but working on weddings with Tailored Events for 6 months? I'm cured. I will have a huge engagement party and teeny tiny country wedding... or St Marks D Point wedding... either way, teeny tiny...

  5. Yeeaaah I imagine that was a bit of an overload...I too have had my fill of huge wedding bashes (Greek) so that's mostly why I want a destination garden wedding - so most people won't come. Woo!